G&G Independent Insurance Named Best Insurance Agency in 2020 Best of Northwest Arkansas Poll

G&G Independent Insurance has been voted the Best Insurance Agency by CitiScapes Magazine’s 2020 Best of Northwest Arkansas Reader’s Poll. Thousands of votes cast from the NWA community to determine the winners in each category. “G&G is an outstanding insurance agency”, said customer David H. “The process was easy and not stressful at all. Even […]

G&G Independent Insurance Acquires Arkansas Insurance Advisors

G&G Independent Insurance (“G&G”) announced it has acquired Little Rock-based agency Arkansas Insurance Advisors (“AIA”). The transaction became effective on September 25, 2020. Founded in 2015, AIA is an independent insurance agency that focuses on ensuring clients have the proper insurance coverage at a competitive price in Central Arkansas. As a part of the transaction, […]

Roofing Scams And How to Avoid Them

It’s that dreaded sound again. It’s spring, the clouds have rolled in, and you sneak a peek out of the window to see what seems like golf balls falling from the sky.  Hmm, not golf balls.  Hail!   Hail and other storm damage are some of the most common insurance claims in the U.S.  Since they […]

Dave Ramsey Budget: Tips & Tricks

One of the first steps you can take towards financial freedom is creating a Dave Ramsey budget. Whether it is your first one ever or an attempt at a new one, these Dave Ramsey budget tips will guide you towards the financial success you are looking to achieve. Part 1: Crunching the Numbers Get ready, […]

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps: How to Conquer Them!

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Imagine this:  You stand at the base of a giant mountain and look to the top, covered in clouds and mist.  You must get to the top, yet you don’t know how to start and it seems too overwhelming to challenge.  That is what facing your debt feels like, but you can conquer your financial […]

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