First Comes Love, Then Comes Coverage: How Your Insurance Changes After Getting Married

Car and Home Insurance after marriage


Congratulations! You’ve walked the aisle, said your vows, ate your cake, jetted off to your dream honeymoon, and began your life of wedded bliss. Your life has changed a lot!

Want to know something else? The changes don’t stop there. As you begin your life with your spouse at your side, your finances and insurance are going to change as well. Changes in your insurance after marriage are more than just putting your spouse’s name on your own policies. We’re here to protect your new life as a spouse and guide you through the many changes you experience after your “big day”!

When you decide to get married, you are going to want to shout it from the mountaintops. In addition to your relatives and friends, you should share the big news with your insurance companies.

You may end up combining some policies or discontinuing redundant coverage, so it’s important to review your policies and make sure you (and your new spouse!) have adequate coverage.


Home Insurance

Whether you’re buying a home, moving into your spouse’s home, or renting, you need to review your policy after getting hitched. While most people sign up to get homeowners insurance during the buying process, renters can end up without coverage since personal property is not covered under your landlord’s insurance. Also, you’ll want to update your policy’s contents or personal property coverage, since it now includes both you and your spouse’s personal belongings (you don’t want to lose that new butter dish you received from your wedding registry if you have a home claim!).

Now that you have “put a ring on it”, review your jewelry coverage as part of your home insurance. If you decide to insure the engagement ring during your engagement period, make sure it is covered under the insurance of the person wearing it, since it is considered a gift and now is legally their property.

Overwhelmed yet? Here’s a checklist you and your spouse can go through to make sure you’re covered:
• Add both people as insured on the policy
• Increase your personal property or contents coverage
• If renting, add a renter’s policy to cover your new contents
• Quote your engagement and/or wedding rings for coverage


Car Insurance after Getting Married
Car Insurance After Marriage


Car Insurance

Congratulations on your marriage and your better driving!  Yes, you read that right.  Studies have shown that married drivers are less likely to get into a car accident as compared to unmarried drivers.  As your risk appears to be lower, you might gain insurance savings after your nuptials.

Crazy, I know.

Also, be on the lookout for multi-car discounts now that you are married.  A multi-car discount could potentially provide the same coverage and be less expensive than insuring your cars separately.  However, sometimes the exact opposite occurs and your rates go up when quoting your car insurance.  After combining policies, both you and your spouse’s driving records are considered into your premium, so if your spouse has tickets or accidents, your rates may rise.

So much for marital bliss, right?

Also, it may be wise to have two separate policies if your spouse:

  • Drives a car model that is pricier to insure.
  • Drives a valuable, classic car.
  • Travels many more miles per day/month than you.


Other Insurance Changes

Aside from your typical insurance policies, you may have other policies that require attention when you get married.  If you have any toys, such as a boat, RV, ATV, or motorcycle, you will want to update your information to include your spouse.  The same goes for any liability insurance coverage you might have, such as an umbrella policy.

Depending on your policies, you could gain more discounts if you bundle all of your policies with a single insurance company.

Remember, life is full of changes, including insurance changes.  Let your insurance company know if you have:

  • A change in address.
  • A change in your financial situation.
  • Changes in household members, such as children.
  • Changes in mileage.

By providing these important updates, your insurance company can tailor your quote and coverage to fit your personalized needs.  Finally, if you change your last name after getting married, make sure your insurance companies are notified.  Your name assigned to your insurance policies must be updated once your legal name is changed with any government agencies, so it matches your identification.  And don’t forget the children!  If there are any kids taking the last name of the new spouse, these need to be reported as well.


We get it, insurance isn’t the most romantic part of beginning your new life as a married couple, but you don’t want to forget to show your insurance a little bit of love, too.  That’s why G&G Independent Insurance is here!  To discuss quotes and coverage options, please call one of our Insurance Advisors at 479-802-0086.

Do I need to pay auto insurance on my child who lives at college?

Fayetteville, AR is known for having a lot of college students, so you may have been thinking about this for a long time. When you added your teenager to your auto insurance policy years ago, you investigated your options and different levels of coverage.

Talking to your agent at G & G Independent Insurance is a great way to get advice on what steps to take to make sure you have the insurance coverage you need without spending more than you need to. Once your child moves away to college, you have to decide whether to keep your child on your policy or cut off insurance for your child.

If your student is living on campus and is not allowed to have a vehicle, there will be few opportunities to drive. The added expense to you may not even benefit your child. On the other hand, if your child is planning on driving, it will be important to make sure that there is insurance coverage. Your child will need to check that insurance is valid before borrowing a friend’s car.

If your student moves out-of-state, there may be different driving and insurance laws. Depending on which state the student is living in to attend college, there may be different insurance requirements, including different amounts of coverage required by law.

One of the nicest benefits to keeping your young adult child on your insurance policy is that your child will have the benefit of being able to prove a long and continuous period during which he or she had insurance.

If you are in Fayetteville, AR or if your child is coming here for school, please feel free to contact our friendly agents at G & G Independent Insurance to discuss our auto insurance options.

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Getting Ready to Visit the Lakes

With winter in the rearview mirror, residents of Fayetteville, AR and nearby areas can start enjoying more outdoor recreation activities. Some have plans to bring their boats out locally, while others may prepare their boat and trailer for an adventure somewhere far away.

Wherever you plan to enjoy time on your boat, be sure to check with an agent at G & G Independent Insurance to learn about the coverages we offer.

Safe Boating Checklist:

  • Inspect the structure carefully and take notice of any areas along the hull that show signs of wear or damage.
  • Check the batteries, engine, and fluid levels.
  • Bring along sufficient supplies (such as fresh water, snacks, sunscreen) and a fully-charged mobile phone for your adventure.
  • Make sure that your trailer is in good condition and tires are properly inflated.
  • Ensure that you have a first aid kit, sufficient life vests, and any other safety equipment required by local ordinance or state law.
  • Make sure that your boat is properly registered since any boat with an outboard motor of at least 10 horsepower requires an up-to-date registration and title.

Other Important Considerations:

  • Have you considered personal liability coverage?
  • Does your current policy cover the boat while it is on the trailer?
  • Does your coverage include fuel spill liability or removing wreckage?
  • What amount of liability are you able to assume if your vessel is involved in an accident, damaged, or stolen?

Serving Fayetteville, AR and nearby areas, G & G Independent Insurance offers wide-ranging coverage options. In addition to boat insurance, our agents can assist with auto, commercial, health, homeowners, and life insurance, as well as specialized lines. Contact us today to learn more about the policies we offer.

New Start-up Wants to be Airbnb of Motorcyles

Great news for motorcycle lovers, a new start-up is seeking to become the Airbnb of the motorcycle industry. Founded by motorcycle enthusiast, Austin Rothbard, the new company, known as Twisted Roads, seeks to provide motorcycle rentals for those who love to ride, yet find themselves in the perfectly picturesque place to go for a ride, yet do not travel with their own motorcycles.

The Creation of Twisted Roads

While on vacation and away from his bike, he realized there have been too many times in which he in on vacation and unable to ride. Moreover, after searching to see if any motorcycles were for sale, he only found one with a thousand dollar price tag. At that point, he realized that there were probably many motorcycle riders who find themselves in similar predicaments when traveling. On the flip side, he also thought about the fact that there were probably many motorcycles just lying around, not in use, in cities across the globe. That’s when he decided to start his company to help riders find motorcycles and to help the owners of motorcycles that are hardly used, make some extra money.

Need Motorcycle Insurance?

No matter where you travel in the world, if you are a motorcycle owner, you need to make sure your bike is properly insured. Indeed, even if you spend most of your time away from home, your bike should stay insured at all times in case you decide to ride or some unexpected damages occur. That said, for those who live in Fayetteville, AR, G & G Independent Insurance is an excellent option for purchasing motorcycle insurance. Offering friendly customer service and competitive prices for Fayetteville, AR residents, simply call, email, or stop by the G & G Independent Insurance office today to find out how you can start your policy today!

Should I Have Full Coverage on an Older Car?

As your car ages, it starts to lose value. At some point in time, the cost for full coverage auto insurance may not be worth it if the value of your car is low. Here at G & G Independent Insurance, serving the greater Fayetteville, AR area, we are often asked whether a person should have full coverage on an older car. Here are a few of the factors we tell our customers to look at when making this decision.

The Cost of Different Insurance Options

The first thing you will want to do is compare the cost of full insurance to basic coverage. In some cases, the cost difference may only be minimal, while in other cases, it may be much more. Knowing how much more you are paying for full insurance compared to just standard or basic coverage will help you decide which option is ideal for you.

The Value of Your Car

The next thing you want to look at is the value of your car. If the value of your car is low, it may get totaled out if it is involved in even a minor accident. Always know what the value of your car is as it may not make much sense to carry full coverage on older cars with really low values.

If You Can Afford to Replace the Car

Lastly, look at whether you can afford to replace the car. If your older car is in an accident, are you prepared to buy a new car? If you’re looking at buying a new car, you may not need full coverage.

Trying to decide whether or not to have full insurance on an older car can be a challenging decision. Here at G & G Independent Insurance, serving the greater Fayetteville, AR area, we want to help you make this tough decision. Contact us today and let us help you decide which auto insurance options are best for you.

Experience & Culture: One Agency’s 21st Century Roadmap to Success

Nestled deep in the heart of the Ozarks, an insurance agency startup is breathing fresh air into an
industry whose reputation with the generation now occupying the largest percentage of the workforce
could be described as stale. According to a 2015 survey, only 4% of millennials interviewed were
interested in insurance as a career. This is a problem for an industry that, according to a white paper
from McKinsey & Co., has an average worker that is pushing 60 years old. G&G Independent Insurance is
bucking the industry trend. They excel at attracting a workforce that may look less like the average
agency team and more like that team’s children and grandchildren. This is a trend that G&G CEO, Jordan
Greer, encourages other agency teams to buck as well.

“We’re an experience company. We just happen to sell insurance,” Greer stated when asked to describe
his agency. G&G was founded in 2014 and was born from the idea that insurance could be done
differently and, so far, it seems to be working. They have been #1 in the state of Arkansas for new
business production since the beginning of 2016. G&G has grown from a team of one in their first year,
to a team that should eclipse 20 associates in the first quarter of 2018; and they are all millennials. The
question is, how?

Greer attributes much of their success to maintaining their focus on two important pillars; experience,
and culture. G&G’s purpose is to provide ‘Exceptional Experiences Always, in ALL-Ways.’ Each associate
is charged with the goal of exceeding client expectations in every interaction. They do this by paying
attention to every detail of the delivery of their products and services. “It’s easy to make this
statement,” Greer said, “but the execution is extremely difficult. In order to achieve this goal, our
culture has to empower our associates not to be afraid to try new things, to make mistakes, learn from
those mistakes, and innovate. My personal belief is that the best way to exceed our client’s expectations
is to be intentional about exceeding the expectations of my own team.”

There are countless studies you can peruse online about the ideal workplace for millennials. There are
many stereotypes about millennials wanting ping pong tables and free beer (of which G&G has both),
but it turns out those types of things fall pretty far down the list of job attributes that attract millennials
who are applying for jobs. “You have to think of millennials, and any of your other team members for
that matter, as consumers of the job market.” Greer said, “They aren’t just comparing you to other
insurance agencies, they are comparing you to every other opportunity that’s out there. Ultimately, they
want to be somewhere they can learn and grow, they want to work for someone that cares about them,
and they want an opportunity to advance in their careers.”

In order for agencies to effectively compete for talent in the job market, Greer believes agency principals
need to be intentional about creating office cultures that embody these attributes. Do that first; then
you can add the ping pong table if it makes sense for your organization. “As agency owners, we need to be
equally focused on the delivery of both the client and employee journeys within our organizations if we
are going to expect to compete for top talent,” Greer said when asked about what agency principals
could do to improve their recruiting efforts, “It’s a simple mindset change. As insurance agents, we have
perfected the art of taking care of our clients. Now it’s time to take what we’ve learned and apply it to
our teams.”

3 Myths about Life Insurance

Misconceptions about life insurance can cause people to shy away from obtaining this valuable coverage. At G & G Independent Ins, we can help you understand what life insurance has to offer. The first step to understanding life insurance is separating fact from fiction. Debunking life insurance myths will help you make smarter insurance choices.

Myth #1 – Life Insurance is Costly

Life insurance plans vary to suit a person’s budget and need. Premiums for a term life policy, for example, often start low and increase over time until the coverage comes to an end. Whole life insurance costs more than term life, but premiums remain constant throughout the lifespan of the policy, making it easier for you to budget for this expense. By purchasing life insurance as a young adult, you can take advantage of lower policy costs. The older you get, the higher the costs.

Myth – All Life Insurance Policies are Alike

Life insurance policies are not all one size fits all. They vary to provide Fayetteville AR residents with the kind of protection they need. In general, life insurance can be divided into two categories: term life and whole life (aka permanent life) insurance. Term life policies are designed to provide affordable insurance protection for a specified amount of time. Whole life insurance gives you consistent coverage for life. By combining aspects of each, you can customize your coverage to suit your individual needs.

Myth – It’s Difficult to Qualify for Life Coverage

Some insurers require a medical exam to verify the state of your health before approving your life insurance application; others don’t. If you want to streamline the application process, apply online. Many online companies only require general information about your health and health history to process your application.

For more information on life insurance policies and costs, contact G & G Independent Ins, Fayetteville, AR.

Why Your Personal Car Used for Business Should be Under Commercial Insurance

One of the most popular ways of making side income today in Fayetteville, AR involves asset sharing, better known in the social media circles as ride-sharing. However, while it is easy to get started, and many are making some very good second income help folks get around town, these drivers are essentially operating as independent contractors, i.e. businesses of one person. And that creates an insurance problem for drivers. The fact is, regardless of the purpose, when a car is being used for a business, it could be doing so without coverage if the driver-owner is not thinking about how his or her personal insurance will operating in such circumstances. Most auto insurance policies are for personal, private use of the car covered, not a for a business operation. And the worst way to find out this difference is after an accident or a need for coverage has occurred. Unfortunately, that is what many people who are engaging in ride-sharing are risking with every order picked up. At some point, statistically, the odds catch up, according to the experts at G & G Independent Ins.

Fortunately, the entrepreneurial types in Fayetteville, AR don’t have to go out of business or take chances. Taking out a commercial insurance policy as a sole proprietorship business or independent contractor is entirely possible and smart. The folks at G & G Independent Ins can guide you through the process and pick the right package for your specific business car need. So whether you’re a painter, ride-sharing driver, delivery service or consultant, when your car is being used for a business purpose, you will be covered.

How to make a home insurance claim

For most people, a home is the greatest investment they have. When any unforeseen peril damages your home, you’d want to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. So, understanding the home insurance claim process is important in ensuring that you receive full value from your homeowner’s coverage. G&G Independent Insurance Agency provides a wide range of home insurance coverage options that extend even to your boat in Fayetteville, AR.

Perils like violent storms, grilling accidents that may cause injuries to your guests or burglar break-ins never come knocking. Everyone hopes they never occur, but if they do, here are some tips on how to handle the claim process in Arkansas.

Report to the police

If you are a victim of theft or vandalism, immediately report it to the police. Ensure you’re served with a police report and note down the names of the police officers that you speak with. Your insurer may need the details of the event later on.

Call your insurer

The next step is to give a call to your insurance agency. Ask questions like: Is the risk covered? How much time do I have to file a claim? Will the claim exceed my deductible? Sometimes, if the claim will be less than your deductible, it doesn’t make sense to go through the claim process. Also, ask how long it might take to process the claim and whether or not the insurer will require an estimate for structural damage and repairs.

Fill out the claim form as soon as possible

Once you decide to proceed with the claim, your insurer should provide you with the necessary claim forms within a specified time frame. Avoid delays by promptly filling out the forms and returning them to the insurer.

Let the insurance adjuster inspect damages

It’s a common practice for insurance companies to send an adjuster to inspect your home and determine how much the insurer should compensate. Be available to show the adjuster any structural damage. Sometimes, it’s important to take pictures of the damages if you’ll have to make emergency repairs or cleaning before the adjuster arrives. Keep all receipts of your expenditure for reimbursement by the insurance company. Your life is the most valuable asset, so if you’ll relocate to a safer location, keep the receipts of all the expenditures that go towards finding a temporary residence.

Please note that sometimes you may not agree with the adjuster’s estimates – they represent the insurance company, not you. So, always speak out your dissatisfaction to the insurer and provide the necessary evidence like receipts, structural damage inspection reports, etc. If you still fail to find a way out, consider hiring a public insurance adjuster through the appraisal process. However, in worst case scenarios, this may still not bear fruits and you may choose to take your insurer to court. If you have further inquiries about making a homeowner’s claim, contact us at G&G Independent Insurance Agency in Fayetteville, AR.