G&G Foundation Scholarship

Countdown to Application Closing

Our Purpose

To award a scholarship to any graduating senior or college student who is planning to attend in an accredited institution in Washington, Benton, Faulkner, or Pulaski County based on demonstrated academic achievement, financial need, and a demonstrated history in exemplifying our G&G core values.

Scholarship Award 

2 $500 Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements 

On-time Application Submission

3.0+ GPA Minimum

21 Minimum on ACT

Enrolled in at least 12hrs

Attending an accredited Institution in Washington, Benton, Pulaski, or Faulkner County in Arkansas

Award Announcement: December 30, 2022

Application Deadline: November 30, 2022

Memorandum of Understanding

I am applying for a scholarship to be awarded by the G&G.  I understand that the G&G Foundation is a private, non-profit organization which awards scholarships to students who meet certain eligibility requirements.

I understand the following:

  1. G&G Foundation has certain requirements for eligibility that must be met before I may be awarded a scholarship.
  3. The status of program funds and/or eligibility requirements may be changed without notice.
  5. I must meet all eligibility requirements during the semester for which a scholarship is awarded or I will forfeit the scholarship.
  7. Not all applicants who meet eligibility requirements may be awarded a scholarship.
  9. If I drop out of school for any reason, or transfer to a school not in the state of Arkansas, I lose all rights to remaining awarded funds. I shall be responsible for notifying the G&G Foundation.
  11. I understand that dropping classes, in any given semester, below the award amount, may affect current or future scholarship awards. I shall be responsible for notifying the G&G Foundation.
  13. I understand that if I miss an interview appointment I may become ineligible to receive a scholarship.
  15. Purposely falsifying any information required by the G&G Foundation or making misleading or false statements concerning the G&G Foundation or any agencies dealing with the G&G Foundation will result in immediate dismissal from the program.
  17. I understand that the Interview Committee decision is final.
  19. The applicants will be reviewed anonymously throughout the selection process.
  21. If awarded, scholarship funds not used on qualifying education expenses may be considered taxable income. I will consult with a CPA regarding reporting requirements.

If I am not awarded a scholarship or if I should become ineligible to receive a scholarship or any part thereof, I do waive any cause of action that I may have against the G&G Foundation, its officers, directors, employees. I understand that by affixing my signature to this document that the G&G Foundation, its officers, directors, employees or volunteers will not be liable for any loss that I may suffer by reason of not receiving a scholarship.

I understand that the G&G Foundation is required to verify all information provided to determine eligibility for assistance.  I hereby give permission for all academic information related to my application for a G&G Foundation scholarship to be released, upon request, to the G&G Foundation. I also agree to participate in follow up research conducted by the G&G Foundation after I am no longer receiving scholarship awards and hereby give permission to the G&G Foundation to obtain enrollment and graduation information from my school as is needed for their subsequent reports.