Is Hail Damage Covered by Car Insurance?

Is hail damage covered by car insurance

If you’ve ever walked out to your car to see those tiny ball-shaped dents, you know how frustrating it can be. The culprit is hail, and it’s never fun to deal with. Hail can either be no big deal or extremely dangerous. 

In 2022, hail storms were predicted to cause $1.1 billion in damage in 21 states. Hail can cause damage to your home and even your car. Before storm season hits, it’s important to figure out if hail is covered by your car insurance. So, let’s get into it. 

What is Hail?

Not everyone has had the joy of experiencing a hail storm. If you’re unfamiliar, hail is a form of precipitation that’s solid ice. It forms inside thunderstorm drafts and can cause severe damage to airplanes, homes, and cars. 

If hail is large enough, it can also cause injury to humans and animals. Hailstorms are typically isolated and short-lived, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t scary. Having the proper protection in place can ensure that you’re protected from any damage, especially if you live somewhere that experiences a lot of it. 

What States Have the Most Hail Storms?

You’re probably wondering what states have the most hail storms. According to data, Texas has more hail storms than any other state, with an average of 667 hail storms a year. Other states with a high rate of hail storms include: 

  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma 
  • Nebraska 

These states get hail that’s half an inch in diameter or bigger at least five times a year. That’s a lot of hail! If you live in a region that experiences a lot of hail, you’ll need to protect your car. 

How Do You Protect Your Car From Hail Damage? 

When you’re faced with a hail storm, don’t worry. There are several ways to protect you and your car from hail damage. 

Ride Out the Storm 

Sometimes all you can do is seek shelter. Find a covered parking garage and hang out until the hail passes. The storms are not usually too long. With advanced weather tracking technology, you should be alerted when a hail storm is coming well before it can damage your car. 

Purchase a Car Cover 

Another thing you can do to protect against hail damage is purchase a hail car cover. This will work in a pinch if you can’t find covered parking, or live in a place without it. Using a car cover can prevent your car from being dented, and may protect against your windshield shattering. If the storm is extremely bad, the cover will at least lessen the damage of dents. 

Put a Blanket on It 

Hail covers can be pricey. You can always throw a blanket over your car to lessen the damage of hail. We do not recommend you duct tape the blanket to your car, however. This can ruin your car paint and cause further damage. 

If you’re really in a pinch, anything can help dampen the blow of hail. You can use towels, cardboard, or plywood. Whatever you have on hand can at least lessen the damage. 

What Type of Car Insurance Covers Hail Damage? 

Sometimes, hail damage is inevitable. Once it’s happened, you may be able to claim on your car insurance. You’ll need to look over your policy to make sure that hail damage is covered before making a claim. 

Typically, you’ll need to have comprehensive personal auto insurance for hail damage to be covered. Comprehensive car insurance will cover damage outside of your control. This includes rocks, animals you may have hit, and hail. If you don’t have comprehensive insurance, hail damage likely won’t be covered. 

When Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage? 

If you have comprehensive car insurance, hail damage should be covered. That means that the cost of the repairs will be covered, and you won’t have to pay for any of it. This is good news because the hail will typically damage the entire vehicle, which would be very costly to replace. 

Is it Worth Claiming Hail Damage on Your Car?

Whether it’s worth it to claim hail damage on your car is entirely up to you. If your car only had minor damage from the hail, it might be worth it to save the claim for another form of damage. Your insurance rates should not go up from claiming hail damage, but the information will be stored and if you switch companies they may look at the claim as a factor for rates. 

Do I Have to Repair Hail Damage After a Storm?

At the end of the day, hail damage is usually just a cosmetic issue. If you don’t have comprehensive car insurance, you might consider dealing with the dents if they aren’t too bad. You’ll get used to them eventually. 

You may want to consider getting them repaired if the paint has come off, so your vehicle doesn’t rust. Looking into your auto insurance policy will help you determine what the best move is. 

Keep in mind, however, that if you leave the hail damage it’s going to reduce the value of your car. So, if you plan to sell it, it might be time to look into getting it fixed. 

Get A Comprehensive Auto Insurance Quote From G&G Today

To sum it up, if you live in an area that sees a lot of hail, you may want to consider comprehensive auto insurance. This is the only type of insurance that will cover hail damage, otherwise, you’ll have to pay for dent repair out of pocket. 

While hail damage can be unsightly, you can leave it safely and keep using your car. All you have to do is get used to looking at the dings. If you’re ready to look into auto insurance, contact G&G Independent Insurance today for a free quote!