Moving to Bentonville, AR: Everything You Must Know

Moving to Bentonville, AR

If you’re planning on moving to Bentonville, AR you must know that it’s the birthplace of Walmart. That doesn’t mean the entire town is a giant superstore, though! Bentonville is a beautiful town located right outside the Ozarks. 

Before you pack up and move, there are some things you should know. Not only should you be familiar with the area, but you should know what needs to be done before a move. Let’s look at why moving to Bentonville, AR is a great choice. 

Bentonville, Arkansas at a Quick Glance 

Bentonville was once a small town but it’s quickly turning into a bustling area with many businesses opening up. With a population of 52,070 people, it’s currently the fastest-growing city in Arkansas. Along with being the birthplace of Walmart, Bentonville is now home to the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art. The museum was established by Alice Walton, the only daughter of the founder of Walmart. It’s also completely free to see the permanent collection here. 

Walmart and the museum are Bentonville’s claims to fame, but the city has so much more to offer. There are several other museums including a Walmart Museum and the Museum of Native American History. Being in a humid, subtropical climate there’s also plenty to do outdoors in Bentonville, AR.

Cost of Living When Moving to Bentonville, AR 

According to PayScale, the cost of living in Bentonville, AR is 12% lower than the national average. Let’s look at some of the numbers according to the Census Bureau:

  • Median home value: $258,300
  • Median monthly homeowner cost: $1694
  • Median Rent: $978

With those numbers in mind, and a great job market, moving to Bentonville, AR is a great choice. On top of that, moving to Bentonville, AR is going to put you in a great job market. In the last year, Bentonville has had a .7% increase, and the unemployment rate is at 2.9%. 

Currently, the average income is $34,811 which is higher than the national average with a median household income of $53,482. There has also been an 80% increase in STEM jobs, so if that’s your field of choice, come on down to Bentonville

Tips For Moving to Bentonville, AR

Before moving to Bentonville, AR you’ll need to do some preparation. There’s a lot to do when you’re packing up and moving across state lines, and one item that typically gets forgotten about is insurance. 

We’re not talking about your healthcare plan through work, we’re talking about other policies. For example, you’re going to be moving into a new home and will need homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. And let’s not forget about your car! The last thing you want to have to happen is to get in an accident and not have it covered because the address is inaccurate. 

Switching Home Insurance 

When you move, you can typically transfer your home insurance policy to the same insurance company. However, it is important to shop around and ensure you’re getting the best rate. Using an independent insurance company like G&G Independent Insurance allows you to quickly look at several different companies and choose the best one. 

When looking for a new home insurance policy, be sure to:

  • Compare company reviews from customers to see what you’re getting into 
  • Compare your current policy with the new policies
  • Inform your current insurance company you’ll be leaving 
  • Set an active date for the new policy 

Switching Car Insurance

When you’re signing up for car insurance, remember that different states have different minimum requirements. For example, if you’re moving to Bentonville, AR, you’ll need at minimum a policy with 25/50/25 liability coverage. This type of policy covers:

  • $25,000 in medical 
  • $50,000 for all injured parties 
  • $25,000 in property damages 

Hiring a Moving Company 

Your wallet likely wants you to throw everything in a truck and haul it away yourself, but hiring a moving company is going to save you a headache. Hiring a moving company will ensure your stuff gets safely to your newly insured home! Here are some tips for hiring a moving company when you move to Bentonville, AR:

  • Make an inventory list of your belongings 
  • Get a walkthrough for an estimate 
  • Get references and read reviews 
  • Read the fine print for all of the fees

Once you find a moving company, make sure you have an agreed-upon price and that there are no packing fees. It’s always better to be safe than sorry before a move! 

Pros and Cons of Moving to Bentonville, AR 

When you’re choosing to move to Bentonville or not, you must look at the pros and cons. 


  • Bentonville has an expanding job market with plenty of opportunities. Jobs in STEM and other fields are abundant, so you’ll surely find something. 
  • The food and drink scene is incredible. You’ll never run out of options for local food and cocktails. 
  • The cost of living is super affordable, and many people can afford to live alone or with their families.
  • There are plenty of outdoor activities due to being close to the Ozarks. 


  • Be aware of traffic if you have a commute. With the rising population, there are a lot of people on the road. 
  • While the cost of living is affordable to other major cities, it’s expensive for Arkansas standards. Keep this in mind when you’re planning your move.

Final Thoughts

Moving to Bentonville, AR is the smartest choice you could make. Don’t hesitate – contact our independent insurance agency in Bentonville, AR today for a quote and get the insurance help you need!