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What Is Insurance For Dump Trucks?

If your business operation implements the use of dump trucks, you need to understand the specifics of the type of insurance necessary for such vehicles. Every vehicle requires insurance, yet dump trucks need coverage for issues that relate specifically to their objectives.

What Does Commercial Dump Truck Insurance Cover in Arkansas?

The key variables that affect the coverage for commercial dump truck insurance include gross vehicle weight, the age of the driver, the location radius of the vehicle, and the driver's record/experience.

The main types of commercial dump truck insurance include liability insurance, physical damage, and cargo insurance.

  • Liability insurance is the most common that is mandated to be purchased by law, and dump trucks are no exception. It is composed of bodily injury and property damage.
  1. Bodily injury compensates for injuries to other parties when you are the one at fault for a collision with the vehicle holding the policy.
  2. Property damage aids in paying for damages to another person's property for a collision with the vehicle holding the policy.

Commercial auto insurance is required for all vehicles on the road and covers third-party physical and property damage in addition to medical treatments.

Non-trucking insurance covers accidents that take place during non-business hours. This is especially beneficial for contract workers.

Downtime insurance covers the costs of lost business hours from the time of damage to the time of full repair.

Physical damage is the second most common type of insurance that pays for any replacements or repairs to your dump truck when it is damaged. It is typically divided into the subcategories of collision and comprehensive. Collision is any damage caused
by collisions by traffic for your vehicle. Comprehensive is any damage caused by incidents of non-collision, such as damage from broken glass or severe weather.

Cargo insurance covers the cost of cargo that is damaged in the middle of transport. This is necessary, particularly if you are a paid driver who hauls the property of various clients. While you might only transport gravel or dirt, there are associated expenses, and if the dump truck tips over the cargo, a replacement is necessary.

In addition to cargo insurance, some companies opt to extend the coverage for pollution liability. Such pollution can come from soil contamination, amongst other things, for instance.

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How Much Does Dump Truck Insurance Cost?

In accordance with data provided by the United States Department of Transportation, nearly 500,000 truck accidents occur on the highways of the nation every year. Sadly, many such accidents involving dump trucks are fatal.

Such accidents cause significant problems for business owners operating in such an industry. This is because dump trucks are expensive to repair.

The average cost of dump truck insurance ranges between $2,500 and $7,300. This is anywhere from $200 to $600 per month for each vehicle. A big factor that affects costs related to dump truck insurance is how big the truck is. Single axles are around $220 to $350 per month. Tandem axles are around $320 to $480. Triple axles are around $440 to $620.

When dump trucks are classified by insurance companies, they are seen as high risk. Still, different insurance companies provide varying quotes. Various businesses with their unique operations have varying rates.

What Affects The Cost Of Dump Truck Insurance?

There exist innumerable policies for dump truck coverage, but they determine the extent of protection the truck will receive in the event of problems. Every type of coverage added to a truck's policy raises the costs. Quality of the drivers you hire will also affect the premium. Insurance providers need to know their experience, age, and track record.

The total number of dump trucks in your fleet affects cost because more vehicles increase the probability of filing a claim.

Dump trucks themselves have market valuations based on age. However, more expensive trucks demand higher insurance rates. In a similar way, older trucks are more susceptible to damage. Insuring these kinds of trucks come at a higher price. If the parts of the model are challenging to find or the parts cost more, your premium will affect this.

Insurance costs are also affected by how far the dump truck is driven and where it resides. Companies based in busier metropolitan regions will inevitably face rates higher than rural ones due to traffic congestion.

Every business has a year of founding. The cost of insurance for dump trucks is affected by the experience of the business. Older companies receive more trust, given the greater supply of business data. Therefore, older companies with competent drivers and a clean history of loss will be paying less for insurance than more recently founded companies.

If your business has a bad history of traffic violations and accidents, you're going to face higher premiums on the insurance. This is due to a higher perceived risk. You need to always emphasize safety programs in your organization.

How To Reduce The Cost Of Your Dump Truck Insurance?

Costs related to dump truck insurance do not come cheap, given the size and scope of such vehicles. Due to the high expenses related to their replacement and repair, the collision and comprehensive coverage can skyrocket. The best method for reducing costs is to elect the greatest deductibles that your company can afford.

Dump truck liability expenses are high because of the gross weight of all vehicles. The more a commercial vehicle weighs, the more chance it has to cause injuries and damages during an accident. These injuries and damages result in bigger payouts for the insurance carrier.

Keeping costs as low as can be mean hiring drivers with exceptional track records and at least five years of experience in commercial driving.

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