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Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows?

Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows

CRACK— that sound is never anyone’s favorite. Whether you have renters insurance or not, a broken window can still be a nail-biter when it comes to coverage. While most homeowner policies offer coverage for broken windows, most renters insurance policies do not. Looking over your policy before moving into your new rental to determine if […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Renters Insurance

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Are you renting an apartment? Just because you’re a renter, doesn’t mean your belongings don’t have as much value as a homeowner’s. Some renters underestimate the value of their belongings and mistakenly assume that their landlord’s homeowners insurance covers their personal belongings as well. Here are 5 reasons to get renters insurance: What is Renters […]

The Complete Guide to Renters Insurance

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It’s summertime in Fayetteville, Arkansas!  The fireflies are buzzing, the refreshing lemonade is poured, but something is missing… Fayetteville is a different town during the summer, because the University of Arkansas Razorback students have gone home for their much-needed school break (the piggies literally squeal all the way home!).  So, Dickson Street is quiet and […]

5 Rules Every Landlord Should Live By

5 Rules Every Landlord Should Live By

I’m pretty confident that if you asked anyone who has ever owned a rental property you would get an overwhelming response that it’s not as lucrative or easy as they thought it would be. In fact, owning a rental property can be a major pain, and end up costing you a ton of money! I […]