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It's a picture-perfect summer day in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and you're brimming with excitement to take your brand-new toy for a thrilling ride—a sleek, adventure-ready boat. With a generous application of SPF to protect your skin from the sun's rays, you make your way down to the bustling docks, eagerly anticipating a long day of fun and relaxation out on the shimmering lake. Whether your plans involve leisurely cruising, heart-pumping water sports, or a tranquil afternoon of fishing, you've spent the entire week eagerly anticipating this moment.

But amidst all the anticipation, have you ensured that you're fully prepared?

According to the US Coast Guard's reports from 2020, boating accidents numbered over 5,200—an alarming increase of 26.3 percent from the previous year. The resulting property damage costs surpassed a staggering $62 million.

Given these statistics, it becomes evident that securing the appropriate coverage for your boat is of utmost importance for safe and responsible water transportation and recreation. The last thing you want is for a boating accident to send you spiraling into financial turmoil.

So, before embarking on your much-anticipated adventure, take a moment to consider your boat insurance needs. By safeguarding yourself with comprehensive coverage, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that any unforeseen mishaps on the water will be met with financial protection. Don't let a boating accident capsize your financial stability—insure your boat today!


What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Before embarking on your boating adventures in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it's crucial to ensure the protection of your beloved watercraft. While seasoned sailors may strive to avoid any potential dangers, accidents can still happen. That's where boat insurance comes in. Boat insurance typically caters to smaller vessels like fishing boats, motorboats, and sailboats. However, larger vessels such as houseboats and yachts may require more specialized insurance policies.

The options for coverage are as abundant as the fish in the sea, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are some of the insurance types you might come across when considering coverage for your watercraft:

  1. Property Coverage: This type of insurance provides financial support to repair damages or replace your boat in case of accidents occurring on land. Whether your boat is in the water or stored on land, like in a storage facility or on a trailer, property coverage typically applies. There are two primary subcategories of property coverage: Cash Value Coverage, which considers the estimated value of the boat at the time of the accident or theft, accounting for depreciation, and Agreed Value Coverage, which involves a predetermined value agreed upon during purchase. It's important to note that property coverage usually doesn't cover general wear and tear.
  2. Liability Coverage: This coverage safeguards you in the event of damage caused to someone else's property or person. If you find yourself in an accident that results in harm to others, liability coverage ensures you are financially protected.
  3. Uninsured Watercraft Coverage: In situations where your boat or you personally sustain damage or injuries caused by someone else who lacks proper insurance, uninsured watercraft coverage steps in to prevent you from bearing the financial burden of their mistakes.
  4. Fuel Spills or Wreckage Removal: In the unfortunate event of a severe accident leading to environmental damage like fuel spills or wreckage, this coverage assists in covering the costs associated with cleanup.
  5. Consequential Damage: If you desire additional protection against general wear and tear, rust, mold, and other related issues, you can opt for consequential damage coverage to mitigate such risks.
  6. Cruising Extension: Many policies limit coverage to domestic waters. However, if you plan to venture beyond US waters with your boat, cruising extension coverage can provide the necessary protection during your international travels.
  7. All Risk: An all-risk policy is a comprehensive option that covers any damage not explicitly excluded in the policy. Common exclusions include wear and tear, dents, marring, damage caused by animals, design and manufacturer defects, as well as damage caused by ice and freezing.
  8. Extra Coverage: Boat insurance offers extensive customization. You can often include extras in your policy, such as coverage for your trailer, boat accessories, specialized equipment, and even protection in case of breakdowns or accidents requiring towing.

We understand that navigating the complexities of boat insurance and selecting the right coverage within your budget can be a stressful endeavor. That's why G&G Independent Insurance specializes in assisting you in finding the ideal policy at the best price. We collaborate with over 50 different insurance companies to ensure you obtain the perfect plan to safeguard your boat in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Should I Bother with Boat Insurance?

In most states, including Oklahoma, boat insurance is optional. As of 2021, only Arkansas and Utah have watercraft insurance requirements based on the amount of horsepower your motor has. Depending on where you store and launch your boat, some marinas in the Tulsa region might have their own requirements.

If you’ve taken out a loan for your boat in Tulsa, or if your boat is a rental, boating insurance is almost always required as a part of the agreement as well.

Despite the fact that boat insurance isn’t necessarily a requirement in Tulsa, it’s always recommended. Boats are a significant investment, and boating always comes with a certain level of risk. Tulsa, being located near the Arkansas River and various lakes, provides ample opportunities for boating enthusiasts to enjoy the water. However, accidents can happen, and it would be devastating to lose your boat entirely, along with the money you put into it, due to a single mishap.

Therefore, it is crucial to protect your investment by obtaining boat insurance in Tulsa. By doing so, you ensure that your property is safeguarded, and no matter what unforeseen circumstances arise, you'll have the peace of mind to navigate the waters with confidence.

What About in the Off-Season?

You may think that you can pause or temporarily cancel your insurance during the months that you’re not on the water. While you can it’s not advised. Boat insurance covers you for more than just damage while it’s in the water. Most policies protect against damage while in storage, and against theft.

If your boat was financed through a loan, it may be conditional upon year-round coverage, so be sure to make note of your loan contract.

Always speak with your insurance company to see if they have discounted rates for the off-season. You may be able to get a lower annual rate if your boat spends a good portion of the year in storage.

How Much Does Boat Insurance Cost?

We’re all trying to make our budgets go as far as possible, so the cost of watercraft insurance may be the main thing putting you off deciding on coverage. But the good news is, cheap boat insurance is easy to find! Typically, policies range from a mere $17 per month to $42. That’s only $200-$500 annually.

Of course, your quotes depend on many factors such as the type, size, age and horsepower of your boat, how long it will be stored, where and how it will be stored, and the amount and types of coverage you choose.

It’s easy to find affordable boat insurance. Allow G&G Independent Insurance to search multiple companies for you with just the click of a button!