Cheap Car Insurance in Utah

Whether you drive a sports car or a minivan, you want to be protected no matter what the open road brings your way. For customers who hate overpaying for car insurance, G&G’s in-house software program allows us to shop your needs with 50+ insurance companies so you can be confident that you’re getting the best coverage at the best price.

Remember that time you decided to take your car for a spin and ended up with it spinning a little out of control? Life can throw you curveballs and in moments like these, you want to have a car insurance in Utah that you can count on!

Find Cheap And Budget Friendly Car Insurance Customized To Your Needs

With G&G Independent Insurance, you could close your eyes (just not while driving) and rely on us. G&G has proven, best-in-class service and provides the best rates for customers shopping for car insurance in Utah

When we are working with clients and families, this question always seems to pop up: “Why do we need car insurance?". While there are millions of situations you can find yourself in needing auto insurance, we can boil down the answer to a few big reasons.  

One needs car insurance to ensure that their cars are protected from unwarranted incidents. What car insurance does is makes sure that there is proper financial protection and coverage from the losses of an unavoidable accident. If you're looking for cheap car insurance in Utah, G&G has got you absolutely covered.

Are you one of those people who are irked by the very idea of shopping for your insurance? At G&G, we understand. That is the reason why our advanced in-house software program will assist you in finding the best car insurance in Utah. Avoid the hassles of overpriced insurance policies and count on G&G to compare among 50+ insurance companies to present you with the one best suited to your needs. 

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Mica Schuler
a month ago
I recently purchased a new home and needed to secure a home insurance policy. I reached out to G&G and was thoroughly impressed with the...
Jody Haley
3 months ago
Diego at G&G was the best! This was my first time shopping for homeowners insurance and he took the time to explain everything to me....
Chris Jones
5 months ago
My experience with G&G has been phenomenal. I chose them based on the positive reviews and I'm so glad I did. Diego was very professional,...

What Happens If I Don't Have Car Insurance In Utah?

Time to look into the scary bit of what might happen if you're driving uninsured in Utah. Well, you never know when you might be asked to pull over. Maybe you're going a little over the speed limit, or maybe it's a road blockage. Utah, in terms of the Motor Vehicle Safety and Responsibility Act, can impose the following penalties on you if you're not able to show insurance papers on the spot,

First Offense — Suppose you're driving down the street with your music playing and the wind in your hair. The sound of sirens behind you will surely ruin your perfect getaway drive! It can quickly escalate to a devastating experience if you don't have your insurance paperwork with you. It can easily become a highway to hell of breaking road safety laws. Once pulled over, if you can't present your insurance ID cards, and it's your first time for such an offense, you could get a fine ranging from $50 to $250. You even run the risk of losing your license plate for ten days after that. If you produce the papers within ten days, you'll be pardoned.

Second Offense — The payable fine, in this case, will range from $250 to $500. The suspension of the license plate will be the same as well.

Third and Subsequent Offenses — By this time, you're actually in big-time trouble. The fine imposed will be a significant amount ranging between $500 to $1,000 or even more. The worst bit is that there's an added risk of imprisonment for a whole year.

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Three Potential Mistakes While Getting Auto Insurance In Utah

Remember the three potential mistakes a lot of people make while choosing their car insurance in Utah,

1. In an attempt to save money, a lot of people end up taking the bare minimum coverage. We advise against it. Make sure to go beyond the basic (literally and metaphorically) and opt for higher coverage limits. Trust us to help you with it.

2. Do not go all-in without having a proper understanding of deductibles. The point of saying this is that many people choose an extremely high deductible on their auto insurance. This isn't wise. We can guide you to do it right.

3. Another significant mistake is not choosing full-glass coverage for auto insurance in Utah. We've got you covered here, as well. Give us a call to add full-glass coverage to your vehicle!

We are here to help with any auto insurance questions you might have! Complete the form below or give us a call to find cheap auto insurance in Utah

Families trust G&G because we are the only full-service agency that saves you time and money, offers comprehensive coverage made easy, and proven, best-in-class service.