Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows?

Does Renters Insurance Cover Broken Windows

CRACK— that sound is never anyone’s favorite. Whether you have renters insurance or not, a broken window can still be a nail-biter when it comes to coverage. While most homeowner policies offer coverage for broken windows, most renters insurance policies do not. Looking over your policy before moving into your new rental to determine if your renters’ insurance covers broken windows can help prevent some of these matters.

Will Renters Insurance Cover the Cost if You Break Another Person’s Window?

Yes! Renters Insurance will cover broken windows only when another party is affected. If you are deemed the party responsible for the window damage your renters’ insurance may cover it. It would be covered under personal liability. The liability portion of your insurance policy covers the fees associated with the damage to the window.

This part of the policy can also be used to fight litigation if the broken window progresses to be fought in court. While this is unlikely, it is important to know and understand the terms of what personal liability covers. If you are not deemed the party responsible, it is up to the property’s landlord to file a claim and get it taken care of.

So, Renters Insurance Won’t Cover the Cost if You Break Your Own Window?

Broken windows will not be covered if the window is broken by you or someone who lives in the home even if it was accidental. This is important to keep in mind because it is not covered in most policies due to your landlord’s insurance likely covering the broken window.

This also applies to maintenance for windows. If the window is in any way damaged such as leaks, drafts, or any other physical damages, it is very likely that it will not be covered by renters insurance.

What If Your Window is Broken due to a Named Peril in your Renters Insurance Policy?

In contrast to the information above, there are certain ways in which insurance will cover a broken window. There can be an insurance claim if there is some kind of peril involved. This applies to events such as fire, wind damage, theft, or natural disasters. While all policies differ, it is important to contact your insurance agent to get a clear understanding of what is considered peril in your policy.

When Does Renters Insurance Cover a Broken Window?

An insurance claim should be filed in the case that a window is broken due to a break-in or if you break someone else’s window. Although both these circumstances have different steps leading up to the damage, a claim can be filed with your insurance.

When Does a Landlord Pay for a Broken Window?

A landlord is responsible for providing a safe rental environment. Therefore a broken window is not conducive. It is the landlord’s responsibility to repair all windows broken on a rental property. However, this does not void the idea that if you break someone else’s window, you are responsible, and the same if someone else breaks a window on your rental property.

How Can You Prevent Broken Windows?

  1. Consult a professional. Before moving in, have a glass professional check all
    windows on the property.
  2. Be prepared for storms. While storms would be considered perilous, storm shutters are still a great way to protect your home from strong winds or hail. These come in different materials based on your needs such as wood or aluminum.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings. While harmless activities seem like all fun and games, windows can be broken in the crossfire. It is best to leave some room between yourself and your residence when activities are taking place that can possibly lead to window damage.

How to File a Renters Insurance Claim for a Broken Window?

As the renter, it would not be your responsibility to file a claim. The first step would be to ensure the safety of everyone in your household as well as your personal property. From there, the next step would be to contact the property owner or landlord. They would be responsible for figuring out whether to file a claim or to have a third party fix the window.

To have insurance step in, the damage must exceed the deductible amount. While this is possible. it is most likely that a window repair will not surpass the deductible amount and will need to be repaired by a third party. A third party could be an on-staff repairman or someone hired to repair the damage.

If your personal property is damaged along with the window. it would be smart to file a claim with your renters’ insurance to have it covered.

Where to Buy Renters Insurance?

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