How to Compare Motorcycle Insurance Quotes


Comparing motorcycle insurance quotes will help you find the best motorcycle insurance. The feeling that you are getting the best insurance is probably the same as riding your favorite motorcycle. But how will you know which insurance policy is the best?

Compare Motorcycle Insurance Quotes From Multiple Insurance Companies

Just like buying any other item, comparing prices and quality from different suppliers is a good practice. Motorcycle insurance premiums depend on different factors. For example, if you are driving a Ducati, expect your insurance premium to be higher than a common motorcycle. If you ride your motorcycle every day, rain or shine, your insurance will probably be higher than if you only drive once a month.

Aside from personal factors, make sure to compare motorcycle insurance quotes from several companies and ask about discounts such as for safe driving or bundling your insurance. Be sure to also compare quotes with comparable coverage. 

To make your life easier, independent insurance companies like G&G Independent Insurance can do this for you. Just give them a call or request a quote online. Some important details to know when shopping include:

  • Your motorcycle’s exact year, make, and model (VIN)
  • The number of miles you ride per year
  • The number of years you’ve been licensed to ride a motorcycle
  • The date you completed an accident prevention course if you’ve taken one
  • Your current motorcycle insurance policy, if you are currently insured
  • The details of any traffic violations or accidents you’ve been involved in

Determine Your Risk Factors

It is important to know your risk factors when purchasing motorcycle insurance as the premium mostly depends if you are a risky asset or not. For example, are you married or are you single? Do you live in a state where there is a lot of traffic? Have you been involved in previous accidents?

Many factors are in and out of your control. If you are insured with another vehicle, you may ask the insurance agent to help you identify the things that work to your advantage.

Determine Your State’s Motorcycle Requirements

Almost every US state requires motorcycle insurance. However, it doesn’t mean that if it is not mandatory, you should not get it. In case of a road accident and you are at fault, are you financially capable of covering the cost of vehicle repairs or medical bills? 

If you are not certain that you can cover the costs, you need motorcycle insurance. Aside from this, you will also need motorcycle insurance to register your bike and get it licensed as well.

Determine Policy Coverage You Will Need

There are different types of insurance coverage for motorcycles. Here are some of them:


Covers you in case of damage or injury to another person’s property or person.


Covers damage to your motorcycle if you’re involved in an accident.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Covers damage or injury done to you or your property by another motorist who doesn’t have the proper insurance. Popular optional coverages can make sure you’re protected from more than just accidents.


Insures your motorcycle from non-collision-related damages. Fire, vandalism, theft, and some weather-related damages may be included in a comprehensive coverage option.

Custom Parts

Your motorcycle is more than a vehicle. It’s an art piece. An extension of yourself. If you add custom parts or modify existing parts on your bike, those pieces may not be included under your original insurance policy. A custom parts optional coverage may be needed to ensure financial protection for your unique installments.

Guest Passenger Liability

Covers a passenger riding on your bike with you in case of injury. This may be included in your liability coverage but it’s important to be sure because some policies only offer it as an additional add-on.

Other Important Things to Consider

If you’re shopping around for motorcycle insurance, ask your insurance advisor about discount options. You should also ask about their lay-up policy. This is when the insurance company does not charge you for days or seasons when you cannot ride your motorcycle because of ice and snow during winter.

Discover the secrets to finding the best deals on cheap motorcycle insurance. Compare quotes now for maximum savings and ride with confidence!