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Pets bring incredible joy into our lives. They can cheer up a bad day, stave off loneliness, make us more active, and are always excited when you come home at the end of the day. For some, a pet is a best friend. For most, pets become a part of your family. And like any member of your family, you want to make sure your pet is protected in times of injury or illness.

When you first bring home your bundle of fur or scales or feathers—or whatever type of pet you have—the last thing on your mind is emergency vet visits. Once they’ve had the initial vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and check-ups, you hope that visiting the vet will only be a routine event. But unfortunately, life is unpredictable, and sometimes you find yourself dialing the vet’s phone number unexpectedly.

Many people don’t consider pet insurance. But vet bills can be quite costly and having the financial freedom to cover any of your pets’ veterinary needs can go a long way in making sure that your fur family has a long and happy life.

What Is Pet Insurance? How Does it Work?

How much money do you have available right now if your pet were to need emergency services? Would you be able to afford a life-saving surgery for your furry friend if you were told next month that it was needed? Unfortunately, not everyone can answer “yes” to these questions.

Like health insurance for people, pet insurance provides financial assistance in case of unexpected vet bills. You pay a monthly premium and should your pet have an incident that is covered by your insurance policy, you don’t have to worry about being out of pocket.

Rather than working with vet offices, leaving you to find a vet who takes your pet insurance, most companies will reimburse you directly. If you’d prefer to have your insurance pay the vet directly, there are a few companies that do this, however, you have to find a vet that is a part of their network.

Like other forms of insurance, pet insurance comes with deductibles (a set amount you are required to pay before the insurance company will contribute) and limits (the maximum amount that the insurance provider will cover for any given incident or in any given year).

Why Should I Consider Pet Insurance?

Pets are precious. Whether you’ve got a cuddly kitten or a stoic iguana, chances are you love your pet—perhaps more than some people! Pet insurance is a way of making sure that if you’re hit with unexpected costs, you don’t have to forgo or skimp on any necessary treatments for your animal friend.

It’s estimated that about 1 in 3 pets will require emergency services during their lifetime. If you have a pet that spends time outdoors, or is allowed free roam of your house, the chances of emergency procedures increase.

Veterinary costs, along with many other things, are currently on the rise. And an emergency care bill can run you from hundreds of dollars to thousands.

Unfortunately for some people, a life-saving procedure or medication is more than they can afford, and they must choose economic euthanasia. It’s a horrible decision that no pet parent should ever have to face.

Pet insurance may not be necessary for you depending on your financial situation. But financial stability isn’t always a sure thing, and many pets live for 10 years or more. You may find yourself unable to afford the care you could have afforded at the beginning of your pet’s life.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover in Arkansas?

One thing to consider when purchasing pet insurance in Arkansas is what insurance coverage is available. Many people think of cats and dogs when they hear pet insurance, but many insurance companies will cover nearly any pet, including:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Rabbits
  • Birds
  • Ferrets
  • Reptiles
  • Rodents
  • Potbelly Pigs
  • And more!

Pet insurance policies vary widely based on the type of coverage you decide to purchase. Some of the potential coverage options you have might include:

  • Injuries and accidents 
  • Illnesses
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Medication
  • Surgeries
  • Emergency Examinations

If you want more comprehensive coverage, you may be able to get coverage for things such as:

  • Alternative Therapies
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Prescription Food
  • Microchip Implantation
  • Overnight Vet/Hospitalization Fees
  • Animal Chiropractic Care

What’s most important, when purchasing pet insurance in Arkansas, is to make sure you closely look over what’s not included. It’s quite a shock to find a large vet bill isn’t covered when you thought it would be.

Almost all policies exclude pre-existing conditions, which means it’s important to purchase pet insurance before conditions crop up. Most routine and preventative care isn’t covered either. Exclusions may also be present depending on the breed of animal you have. Certain breeds are more susceptible to particular illnesses or injuries and these may be excluded from your policy or cause your premiums to
increase. Some companies require your pet to be under a year old at the time of purchase. Others have an age cap at which time the coverage ceases or more exclusions are added.

Understanding exactly what insurance coverage you need, or what coverage is being offered to you can be a confusing process. Insurance Agents at G&G Independent Insurance are here to help you understand exactly what policies are available to you. With a large network of companies, we can help you find the plan that best fits you and your pet.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of pet insurance is hard to pin down with a precise range. Like human health insurance, various factors affect the premiums you’ll be quoted for your pet. Species, breed, size, age, location, and more. For a better idea of quotes for your specific situation, let G&G Independent Insurance curate your custom quotes! We search our network of insurance companies to find the plans best suited to you, so you don’t have to spend hours sifting through and keeping track of various policies. With just one search, you have access to dozens of plans applicable to you.

Not Just Pet Health Insurance!

Did you know you can get more than just insurance for your pet’s medical bills? You can also purchase liability insurance in case your animal injures someone and personal property insurance to protect the accessories you buy for your pets. These are usually included in homeowner's or renters' insurance packages, so make sure to check your policies to see if these coverages are included!

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