How Much Is RV Insurance in Arkansas?

How Much Is RV Insurance in Arkansas?

If you recently bought an RV for the first time, you may be thinking about getting insurance coverage for it. That’s a smart move, even if you already have vehicle insurance. But at the same time, you may be worried about how expensive the monthly premiums would be and whether or not they will be worth it in the end.

To answer the question, “How much is RV insurance?” you need to know what factors influence the price. You also need to know about common discounts to help you save on RV insurance and bring the cost down. We cover all that and more in the article below.

But first, you need to know the answer to an important question.

Why Buy RV Insurance?

If the thought of an extra monthly cost for RV insurance is bringing you down, you may ask yourself, “Why buy RV insurance? Doesn’t my vehicle insurance cover it anyway?”

The answer is, yes, it does. But it’s not as simple as that.

Because vehicle insurance typically covers smaller vehicles, such as cars and trucks, your current policy may not cover all your RV’s expenses should you have an accident or the RV breaks down.

Additionally, RV insurance comes with the option of beneficial add-ons that your vehicle insurance can’t offer. For example, you can get full-timer RV insurance, which acts like a homeowner’s policy for people who live in their RV full-time. You can also get coverage for your belongings and personal items, something that vehicle insurance does not cover.

To sum it up, you don’t have to get auto insurance. But if you plan on using your RV a lot, or even just occasionally for long vacations or work trips, an RV insurance policy will cover practically any damages or accidents that may happen. If you’re covered by vehicle insurance only, you’re taking a much bigger risk.

How Much Is RV Insurance?

We know that RV insurance is worth having. But is it worth the price of getting it? That depends on the overall cost. And there are a few factors you should know about that influence the answer to the question, “How much is RV insurance?”

  1. RV Model And Specs

The model and specs of the RV have a huge impact on the cost. For example, if you have a Class B RV, AKA a camper van, which is the smallest type of recreational vehicle, then you can usually expect to pay a low rate. For Class A RVs, which are the most expensive type of RV, your insurance rate will likely be high. Class C’s, which include RVs or motorhomes that sleep up to 6 people, will fall in the middle.

  2. Frequency Of Use

How often you use your RV will affect the price of insurance. Full-timers, for example, can expect to pay higher rates.

  3. Driving Record

Just like with regular auto insurance, your driving record will affect the cost of your RV insurance premiums.

  4. Type Of Coverage

The fewer add-ons you have and the less comprehensive your coverage is, the cheaper it will be.

The insurance company you choose will consider all four of the above factors before they quote you a rate on your RV insurance premium.

Types Of RV Insurance Coverage in Arkansas

RV insurance covers the same things that auto insurance covers: liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured or underinsured motorist, and medical expenses. But there are a few customized coverages specific to RVs that make it worth the extra expense.

  1. Custom Equipment

This policy covers parts that were added after purchase by the owner and not by the manufacturer.

  2. Awning Replacement

This one covers repairs or replacement of the awning on your RV.

  3. Vacation Liability

Vacation liability protects you when your RV is stationary and you’re using it as a vacation residence.

  4. Roadside Assistance

This policy covers towing up to a set number of miles, as well as tire repairs, battery replacement, etc.

  5. Full Timers Coverage

Full timers coverage provides more protection for RV owners who live in their RV full time.

  6. Safety Glass Replacement

Safety glass replacement coverage covers windshield damage.

  7. Contents Coverage

Contents coverage is important to get if you want to insure the contents of your RV, e.g., your possessions, in case they are damaged or stolen. 

How Can I Get The Cheapest RV Insurance?

The best way to get the cheapest recreational vehicle insurance in Arkansas is to pay attention to common discounts that you may qualify for.

Common Discounts To Help You Save On RV Insurance

  1. Part-time RV Use Discount

If you only use your RV occasionally, rather than full-time, you qualify for a huge discount.

  2. Multi-vehicle Discount

This discount is usually available to people who insure their RV and other vehicles with the same insurance company. 

  3. Clean Driving Record Discount

Many insurance companies will reward safe drivers with clean driving records with discounts on their premiums. 

  4. Insurance Premium Full Payment Discount

You can qualify for this discount if you pay for the entire term of your premium coverage in a single payment.

Which RV Insurance Company Should You Choose?

There are more insurance companies out there than you can count. That’s why RV shoppers should count on G&G Independent Insurance to help them choose. Our in-house software will help you find the best rate, the cheapest quote, and peace of mind amid over 50 contenders. 

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