Why You Need Full-Time RV Insurance

RV Insurance for Full Timers

The open road – miles and miles of opportunities for new adventures, dazzling sights, camera shots, and memories. Can it get any better?

We don’t think so! If you’ve taken to the open road in your RV full-time, you will want to check into an insurance policy that specifically covers you as a full-time RVer. Following these guidelines will give you peace of mind while traveling. That way you can enjoy the drive from Bella Vista, Arkansas, and beyond.

Why RV Insurance for Full-Timers?

Even though RV insurance for full-timers tends to be pricier than for part-timers, it acts as both home and auto insurance for you. Your RV is much more elaborate than a car. You want to be protected for your particular situation. This is why you should have a sufficient RV insurance policy. Full-time RV owners need coverages that fit their traveling lifestyle and can protect them on their journey ahead.

In Arkansas, RV insurance is required, so you must have minimum liability limits on the RV. In general, most states require you to have RV insurance if:

  • You have a Class A or Class B motorhome (the RV is driven, not towed behind a vehicle)
  • Your RV is financed (you don’t own it outright)
  • You are renting the RV

Whether you live in Bella Vista, Arkansas, or elsewhere, G&G Independent Insurance highly recommends you have RV insurance. When deciding on your RV insurance, think about the lofty investment you’ve committed to the RV. Contemplate if you are financially comfortable with covering costs associated with RV damage or liability.

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Full-Time RV Insurance

Typically, insurance providers define full-time as people who use their RV as their primary residence. However, if you are receiving RV insurance quotes, check with the Insurance Advisor on whether you would need full-time RV insurance. If you don’t need full-time coverage, you can have a standard RV insurance policy (and enjoy lower rates, too!). Since one of the factors that impacts RV insurance rates is how frequently you use your RV, checking the full-time requirements could affect your policy.

Full-Time RV Insurance Coverage

While each insurance provider is different, here are some common types of coverage specific to full-time RV insurance:

Full-Timer Personal Liability

It is similar to vacation liability. It pays up to your policy’s limit for injury and property damage for which you are responsible, whether the incident occurs around your RV or on your property.

When you live in your RV full-time, your liability coverage will be a bit different. Why? Your RV is now your home, so coverages that are typically included on a homeowner’s policy must be covered on your RV insurance. Be sure to ask your Insurance Advisor if you’re covered while your RV is parked as well as when you are driving on the road.

This coverage is extremely important, so don’t just settle with the state-required minimums. Costs can quickly grow and exceed low limits, which could leave you in a financial mess. Make sure your coverage, whether it is liability or another coverage option, properly mirrors your financial situation.

RV insurance

Medical Payments for Others

This coverage pays for medical costs incurred by those who are injured while on the property where your RV is located. For example, if your RV neighbor’s kid trips on your property and breaks their arm, your medical payments coverage will cover the costs up to your policy’s limit.

Full-Timer Loss Assessment

If you are a tenant of property in a particular association, loss assessment coverage will help cover certain assessments that are charged to you. For example, Progressive RV insurance includes up to $5,000 in coverage for charges or fines you face from RV/homeowners associations.

Storage Shed Contents for Full-Timers

If you have a shed for storage at the time of a loss, this coverage pays up to your policy’s limit for the contents inside the shed.

Not all policies will include the above coverages and they may have different coverages specific for full-timers. Make sure to ask the Insurance Advisor about the coverage details. If you’re interested in other coverages offered by most RV insurance providers, find out more here.

Full-Time RV Insurance Discount Options

Many insurance providers offer discounts and built-in savings options to make insurance more affordable. Some discounts you may be qualified for include:

  • A multi-vehicle discount when you insure your RV and other cars with the same company.
  • A discount if you have a clean driving record and/or you have no at-fault claims. Typically, insurance companies look at the last three years of your driving history at the least to determine any accidents or violations.
  • A discount option if you pay your insurance premiums in full.

As you travel from Bella Vista, Arkansas, and beyond, make sure you have the RV insurance that can go the distance with you. We offer Progressive RV Insurance, one of the best full-time RV insurance coverage options. If you have RV insurance questions or you would like a quote, give one of our G&G Insurance Advisors a call at 479-802-0086!